Google will be updating its password manger to make it easier to use and provide even greater protection. Users can now add a shortcut for Google Password manager to their Android home screen.

“With this release, we are rolling out a simplified and unified management experience that is the same in Chrome and Android settings,” Ali Sarraf, Product Manager, Chrome  stated in a blog post.

Sarraf further added “If you have multiple passwords for the same sites or apps, we will automatically group them. And for your convenience, you can create a shortcut on your Android home screen to access your passwords with a single tap,” 

Following are the Steps to add Google Password Manager to Your home screen

After downloading the latest Google Play Services update you can easily access this shortcut by following below steps:

Step: 1

Click on the icon at the top right side of your android screen

Step: 2

Tap “Manage Your Google Account” Button

Step: 3

Go to security section of your google account

Step: 4

Go inside “Password Manager” section

Step: 5

The whole new section will appear, Simply touch the settings icon at the top right corner of your screen

Step: 6

On this screen press “Add Shortcut To Your Home Screen”

Step: 7

Press Add for adding password manager to your home screen

Step: 8

Password Manager is added to your Home screen


With Google Password Manager update users can easily create strong passwords on their computer or mobile, on any operating system. Furthermore if Google warns users about a password, they can now fix them without hassle with the company’s automated password change feature available on Android.

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