As the demand for Chromebooks is growing, Google is expected to introduce a useful feature that allows users to transform their Chromebook into an internet hotspot that can be used by other devices.

According to the reports

The latest reports suggest that Google is working on a way to flip the script of your mobile’s data connection, which will allow your Chromebook to act as the Wi-Fi hotspot for other devices. The work-in-progress feature has made its first appearance in ChromeOS code in the form of a new flag coming to chrome://flags.

According to the report, the details regarding this feature are a bit hazy since only the flag description is available. But the mobile hotspot feature in ChromreOS will function exactly the same way it does on Android devices.

Wi-Fi hotspot features

It will be possible to choose name as well as password of your Chromebook’s hotspot via the Settings app within ChromeOS and switch the hotspot on and off. If it follows the same model as Android it would be a straightforward method to activate your hotspot using a quick Settings toggle.

The feature has yet be tested, and there’s no way to know if turning on the Wi-Fi hotspot can significantly consume the Chromebooks battery. this will depend on each model however, allowing your Chromebook to be an personal Wi-Fi hotspot that can connect a tablet or phone to the mobile network of its choice is sensible. It’s better than consuming your smartphone’s battery when you’re in the city.


Beyond the description, the specifics of the feature aren’t clear. However, we’d guess the possibility that Chrome OS’ internet-sharing capability is the same like Android’s. That means that you’ll likely be able to create the network name as well as an password.

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