A proposed class action lawsuit was signed against Apple for violating U.S. antitrust law. by ensuring that Apple Pay, is the only mobile wallet that allows users to make tap-to-pay payments with their iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch.
Affinity Credit Union filed the lawsuit. They hope to make it a class-action, so more companies will support it against Apple.
The company charges credit card companies 0.15 percent per transaction in ApplePay fees. Companies don’t pay any fees when customers use Android wallets. They are almost identical in function.

Apple Pay is the only NFC payment service that can be used on Apple Watches, iPhones, and iPads. This lawsuit claims Apple has violated antitrust laws. Apple is also preventing  card issuers from passing these fees on to customers,, so iPhone owners have no incentive to look for a lower payment method.   “This is the third time the firm has sued the big tech giant over antitrust matters.”
According to a press release the lawsuit seeks to change Apple policies which require all contactless payments through Apple Pay. It also seeks to reimburse card issuers for illegally charged fees.
Apple Pay is not the only problem the company is facing. Recently, the EU objected to the fact that third-party builders cannot use the iPhone’s NFC system for funds. They claimed that these restrictions results in. ” wallets on iPhomuch less innovation and fewer selection for shoppers for cellnes.”The corporate could now face an authorized battle with the US government over the issue.

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