If you’ve some previous experience of trading in the markets you’re just one step in the right direction. A lot of the traditional guidelines for trading are applicable but, due to the huge amount of risks and volatility associated with trading crypto CFDs You must adjust your strategy for trading and risk management accordingly.

What distinguishes a successful crypto trader from other traders? What’s more important, how can you prepare yourself for becoming the top cryptocurrency trader you can be?

This article will provide six essential things to learn, if you want to become a successful crypto trader.

1. Maintain cash and crypto savings

Make sure that you have  minimum two years’ worth of salary in cash reserves. This means that cash is being in an account which could be left untouched and only tapped  when absolutely needed . This is not  any regular savings or investments; it is a complete side emergency fund.

What is the best way to save the extra cash? I did it by trading and investing in my free time, The majority of the time last year, I took my trading profits and transferring them to an additional account to be stacked as reserves.

There was also a small amount of cold storage crypto I utilized to ensure I had sufficient reserves, and I felt comfortable leaving. I wanted to put the most minimal amount of pressure on myself if I did not achieve success right away.

2. Buy and Sell Crypto on the Exchange

It’s an absolutely viable alternative to purchase the cryptocurrency you prefer directly from a cryptocurrency exchange, which implies that you actually own the primary currency.

There are certain benefits to this method However, these advantages are more relevant to those who want to keep the cryptocurrency in long-term use, not for short-term trading.

Directly buying and storing crypto via an exchange is dangerous, since these exchanges are vulnerable to hacking and are typically (not always) not regulated, and charge fees when you sell and buy.

With this trading method, the trader needs to pay the entire value of the transaction and then put the crypto in a safe account until they are prepared to sell them for the price of profit or loss (it is not recommended to store cryptocurrency directly on the exchange, which is another reason to consider this option is ideal for a long-term approach).

This is similar to the investor purchasing an asset that is physical such as the shares of a publicly traded corporation and then holding them for a long time hoping that they will appreciate in value.

However, with cryptocurrencies the volatility of prices over the long term is one reason why many investors or traders prefer to trade on a short-term basis (compared to investing for the long term).

3. Choose a Reliable Trading Platform

If you want to trade Bitcoin for cash, you’ll have to register with a cryptocurrency exchange that allows you to  sell and buy Bitcoin. Additionally, you can utilize these exchanges to convert the value of your Bitcoin into other cryptocurrency. It’s beneficial when you are looking to diversify your investments. However, before you think about these types of strategies it is necessary to have an exchange to conduct your trades.

The amount of cryptocurrency exchanges on the market has steadily increased in the past decade. There are a variety of options available, but most users have chosen to use only one or two. Before you decide to use any exchange, ensure that you have a thorough investigation and read reviews and reports from current users.

The majority of exchanges provide the same basic functions. However, a handful of them offer something unique which makes them stand out. For instance, certain exchanges allow trading bots to be used on their official platforms making them much simpler to integrate into the platform. Trading bots are a common feature in the stock market as a traditional one. Both individuals and companies such as hedge funds utilize trading robots to automatize their activities.

Bitcoin trading bots are like the same, except they deal in Bitcoin instead of shares and stocks. For example  Bitcoin Revolution is one of the latest cryptocurrency trading bots available in the market. They provide a demo account allows you to test that the bot works for you and also that any exchanges you are using support it.

4. Hire a financial advisor

The cryptocurrency market is currently the hot topic right at the moment. It has been growing at a fast and some economists believe that it will become the dominant currency within 10 years or so. It is possible to hire cryptocurrency experts who have had a solid background in the field. This is the best method to know the advantages and disadvantages of the market for crypto currencies. It is then possible to make an informed decision about whether you should invest in virtual currencies or otherwis

It will be among the most beneficial decisions you will ever made. Not only they assist you to set up a company account for your business, but they also assists in setting up multiple accounts for saving money on taxes and investments accounts.

5. Be Aware of Current News

Crypto-traders should keep an eye on the latest news and discussions in the community as this can affect the price of cryptocurrency on the market. Rumors and news can influence the market, and can lead to promising trading options. Successful traders make use of the potential of information by being engaged within the Blockchain community and staying on top of the latest industry news.

6. Practice

You may have a lot of experience trading or, you may not. It’s the right time to begin trading. It’s a simple, easy method to determine the time to start daily trading in crypto.

Keep your records of trades that you’d have made. Tally it up at the end of each day. Make sure to include any fees or taxes that you normally pay.

If you’re not keen to manage it all your own, a variety of websites provide trading simulators for cryptocurrency. They allow you to play games to get more proficient in trading. Beware of websites that charge fees for access to the “free” simulators.

Perhaps the most appealing aspect of this course is that you can complete it while working. It’s not necessary to quit your job in order to master. It’s particularly easy to learn if you’ve got an occupation that is flexible, which lets you monitor your trades every hour.

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