The goal of increasing IT productivity shouldn’t be thought of as the goal in itself. It’s just a way to achieve a goal. Improved productivity is just an approach to free up internal resources that can be used for other tasks.

The process of making high-performance businesses isn’t complicated. I’m not saying it’s simple. However, if you’re willing to invest the time and effort, the outcome can be incredible!

Five Main Characteristics for High IT productivity

 The steps for making a high-performance company are somehow similar to delegation  These include:

  • Alignment
  • Empowered Leadership
  • Confidence
  • Systematic
  • Measurable

1- Alignment

Organizations that are successful are those that have integrity and continuity in their organization. It simply means that there is uniformity in how the organization is working towards achieving its mission, vision and growth objectives. Employees are able to feel connected to the purpose the company serves and the role they play in the fulfillment of its mission. 

All systems are designed to create an unifying vision of growth for the company. Alignment grows out of line of sight and happens when employees are aware of the connection between the vision of the company along with its business strategy and model , their part in that model and the strategy and what they are expected to do as part of that role and what they can expect to be paid by their performance.

2- Empowered Leadership

If people are aware of their role and what the business wants to achieve You can equip them with the necessary tools to make better decisions. Instead of having to determine everything everyone has to do, let them to take the decisions for themselves!

It also helps in reducing some of the anxiety you experience with delegation. If they have a clear understanding of what to achieve, though, they can make some of these easier choices that consume your time each day. When you create this type of environment, you begin seeing a shift in the culture. People move from being dependent to making their own choices.

Be cautious in this case. If someone makes a bad choice, you shouldn’t let the hammer slide. Use the situation as an opportunity to learn. Explain to them the places they may have erred in their judgement, and then show them what they need to consider in these scenarios in the future. This helps them improve their decision-making abilities and allows your employees to take on more tasks for you.

3- Confidence

Self-assurance in the workplace is the most important competitive advantage. But, creating a culture of confidence cannot be created simply through hiring individuals who have a high self-esteem or established track of success. The confidence of an organization is a result of sustained success . They have experienced success enough times and over a period of time that they know they’re likely to win.

The market has reacted to their unique value proposition,  A sustained, successful business is the result of regular execution. The consistent execution is the result of focus. It happens when employees are aware of their responsibilities and the outcomes for which they’re accountable. The focus can be achieved by ensuring alignment.

4- Systematic

Like all projects, all productivity associated activities should be defined and justified as any other initiative that is being proposed. Once chosen for funding, these initiatives should be based on the same methodology procedures, processes and reporting requirements as other projects funded.

5- Measurable

Projects that improve productivity should be evaluated not just on how much time or money they save, but in the event that it is possible, the benefits to organizations that come from the savings. The reason behind this additional calculation is that it is a measure of the actual “opportunity cost,” which could not have been achieved without these gains in productivity. These gains provide the real advantage of productivity enhancements.


Regarding  the level of productivity at the IT Executive level is just improving your personal efficiency. It allows you to have more time to manage your team and achieve your goals for business, if the above mentioned characteristics contribute to creating a productive and positive work environment. Thus, it is ideal to incorporate these characteristics into your workplace.

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